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MAU 2016 // New York City

MAU New York 2016 is the NYC edition of's highly regarded mobile acquisition and retention retreat. The event helps brands grow in today's rapidly evolving, mobile-first world. Similarly to MAU Vegas, our NY summit will be multi-vertical but draw heavily from New York's ecosystem of e-commerce brands. Content will focus on both acquisition and retention—covering both native apps and mobile web.

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GrowCommerce 2016

GrowCommerce is the meeting place for e-commerce professionals charged with acquiring, engaging and optimizing customers across the range of digital channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of e-commerce verticals. We will discuss the shifting dynamics in long standing, core channels like PPC and influencer marketing, as well as new, emerging channels including proximity marketing, content distribution and programmatic TV.

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June 15, 2016

Issue 95

Mobile Apps

Appboy’s Spring 2016 Mobile Customer Retention Report

Our friends at Appboy put together this useful report, which shows the average retention by day statistics for mobile apps in general, as well as across mobile operating system, and app vertical.


Everything Apple Announced at the WWDC Keynote

This is the best summary I’ve found of all of the Apple announcements. For a really comprehensive read, you might also check out Apple’s own post on their dev site. A few parts I recommend reading for a growth minded audience:

  • Proactive suggestions (“which helps the system promote your app in additional places, such as the keyboard with QuickType suggestions, Maps and CarPlay, the app switcher, Siri interactions, and (for media playing apps) the lock screen”)
  • App search enhancements
  • User notifications
  • Integrating with the messages app

App Store 2.0 — an Interview With Phil Schiller

This was the big pre-WWDC news that I just missed putting in the newsletter last week (thanks Emilin!). This focuses on Apple’s more open and generous approach to subscription models PLUS their introduction of paid search ads within the App Store.


Snapchat Paves Way to IPO With Ads API and Inserts Between Stories

This post recaps a long awaited, major announcement from Snapchat on their paid advertising plans. Their product playbook will look very familiar to Twitter and Pinterest’s rollouts (similar targeting, similar third party partners etc).


The Latest Drivers of Mobile Advertising in Emerging Markets? Balloons, Voice-Based Apps & Smartphones for Under $100

A great post from Ella Cullen of Iconpeak on mobile growth channels being utilized outside of the most mature markets.


How Pinpointing the Right Mix of Post-Install Events Helped Transformers: Earth Wars up Their UA Game

This is a guest post on the Pollen blog from Saikala Sultanova of Space Ape Games (as an aside, I found this when Saikala posted it in our google group, which I recommend you join). The post focuses on finding early indicators in the user’s lifecycle that can reasonably predict LTV and allow for faster decisioning.


Your iOS 10 Notifications Will Be a Lot More Useful and Relevant. And Gifs!

A really solid write up of the updates Apple is making to notifications, with a special emphasis on the ability to update old/stale notification content.


Product & Design

Inline Validation in Forms — Designing the Experience

I usually look at the click through rates on the articles in this newsletter and I’ve consistently found that no one really cares about any of the form design stuff I include. Admittedly it is pretty dull subject, BUT I personally try to force myself to stay up on this sort of thing as the primary objective for many of us in this industry is still a simple form completion of some kind. In this post, the author analyzes a few popular forms (Twitter, FB etc) and goes on to propose a best practice convention.


Pinterest Gets Visitor Retargeting and Other New Ad Targeting Tools

Another big step as Pinterest’s ad platform plays catchup with FB, Twitter, and Google.

Issue 94

June 8, 2016