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Mobile Apps Unlocked

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of people who not only know what they are doing but share actionable content on and off the stage.

In a world full of events, it is perhaps easiest to understand MAU by what it isn’t. MAU isn’t a stage full of sales people or regurgitated content about he future of mobile or why growth is so important. Nor is it an audience of only junior level account executives that will make you feel as though you have to hide your badge.

MAU connects brands with the people and information to help them acquire, engage, and optimize their mobile marketing efforts effectively and profitably.

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March 25, 2015

Issue 31

Mobile Apps

Facebook App Leaks New Messenger Platform

I’m writing this around 12 EST, a few hours prior to the start of F8. Details about the upcoming announcements are sparse, but this article from The Verge gives a little insight into FB’s plan to open up Messenger as a platform to devs (which is consistent with many of the other major chat apps). Expect a few articles on their announcements in my newsletter next week.


Amazon Unlocked Will Give Away Paid Apps For Free

According to a leaked internal document obtained by Techcrunch, Amazon is working on a Prime-esque service as part of it’s app store. The service will allow users to get paid apps and in-app purchasing for free.

TECHCRUNCH.COM Launches AppWords, A Deep Linking Ad Platform For Complementary Apps

This post on Marketing Land introduces’s AppWords, which is an intent/keyword based network that leverages deeplinking to drive users to other apps. Their initial focus is on exit pages/confirmation pages, where users are at an obvious end point. I am a big fan of the emerging deeplinking ecosystem (, URX, Branch, Quixey, Button, Yozio etc.), which is probably pretty obvious if you’ve subscribed to this newsletter for a while. That said, I do wonder how these services will be able to solve for publisher yield. Does introducing these app-to-app, deeplinking enabled networks mean you are displacing another ad unit? If so, could these placements ever out-yield a standard ad unit? Or do these placements need to be incremental to whatever else you are running as a publisher in order to justify their placement? Perhaps one day I’ll line up a guest post from someone in this space that can speak to this question (as I am sure there is a good answer here).


Product & Design

Redesigning The Login Screen

This is a great and extremely thoughtful approach to building the perfect login screen. First off, they use a service to look for and correct email mistypes (as an aside, there are a lot of these services out there and they are pretty much guaranteed to improve your CVR and, in some cases, improve your overall list quality/hygiene as well). The way they implemented labels is really slick and the overall experience is fluid.


How Sticker Mule Onboards New Users

This is the latest teardown from Samuel from UserOnBoard. This time he looked at the web ecommerce flow for Sticker Mule. As an aside, I’m really excited that he will be joining our upcoming conference as one of our headlining speakers (albeit with a mobile apps focus).



Fiber TV Trials Local Ads

This is a very brief announcement, but it could have huge implications on how TV/video advertising is bought and sold in the future. In this forum post, Google announced the trial of local ads to Fiber TV subscribers in Kansas City. The ads will be delivered in real time and can be targeted based on geo, type of program being shown, or viewing history. The viewing history option is critical here, as it decouples audiences from specific program/station/time blocks. That alone would introduce enormous efficiencies into the TV market.


Google’s Clarifications On Mobile-Friendly Algo Roll Out

Google’s mobile friendly algo roll out is fast approaching. This post summarizes information shared in a recent webinar hosted by Google. The key points are that the rollout starts on April 21 and will take a few days to complete, that there is no notion of “degrees” of mobile friendliness (you either are or you aren’t), and that you can check to make sure your pages are mobile friendly by searching live today or using their mobile-friendly testing tool.


Jobs & Hiring

Looking To Be Hired – User Acquisition/Marketing Director Looking For Great Team/Product

I’m an experienced user acquisition and marketing director who is currently employed by an organization that is dealing with leadership instability. I have had success growing the user base for an eCommerce web site and a mobile app.
I am data-driven, but I have brand marketing experience as well. I have managed teams and I have enough product know-how to wear a “growth hacker” hat. I’m looking to work with a great group of trustworthy and hard-working individuals on an exciting product. I am also looking for a company that has funding.
I’m based in Los Angeles, but could relocate to the Bay Area for the right situation. 

Head of Marketing – Fluent City

Fluent City offers awesome language classes and cultural events for adults.  As opposed to traditional players (e.g., Berlitz), Fluent City’s classes are fun, social, and focused on conversation – not grammar and memorization.  We also run a broad range of cultural events: from Italian Cooking to seminars on How to Move Abroad. We cater to young (and young-ish) professionals, and have strong traction. Started in 2011, in 2014 we ran 700 classes in ten languages across four cities (New York, D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia). We are profitable. If you believe that marketing begins with amazing, cohesive customer experiences that sell themselves, and you have the strategic vision and execution ability to scale customer acquisition rapidly via data-driven marketing, we want to talk to you.


Data Driven Marketing Analyst – Metric Collective

Metric Collective is an NYC-based technology holding company that builds and acquires technology companies. We’re seeking a Data-Driven Growth Marketing Analyst to join our rapidly expanding team. The successful candidate will be highly intelligent, quantitative, and eager to grow into taking direct ownership of millions of dollars of ad spend for multiple companies and products within the Metric Collective portfolio. 

The strongest candidates will likely have a quantitative background from their previous work (finance, management consulting, search marketing) or education (statistics, mathematics, engineering, economics).  


Digital Marketing Lead – Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a NYC-based startup that has brought together 5 Nobel Prize winners, leading technologists, researchers and MDs to develop the most advanced consumer products in health and wellness. We are looking for an individual with B2C experience in customer acquisition who has utilized a data driven approach to understanding the cost of acquisition, customer lifetime value and cohort analysis. You will help craft our overall marketing strategy and be in a position to grow a team, working as a key voice in concert with the founders and the individuals leading content, customer experience and brand strategy.


Ecommerce & Customer Acquisition Analyst

Jammie Jungle is a creative and unconventional lifestyle brand focused on shaking up the loungewear and home segments. We’re equal parts creatively explorative and laser-focused, caring deeply about making the finest products and challenging the status-quo to become the best brand under the sun. We pour love into sourcing, designing and manufacturing a range of beautiful products, which we’ll start distributing to customers and stockists globally from Winter 2015.

As our E-Commerce & Customer Acquisition Manager, you’ll join a rapidly expanding company and work alongside our highly talented team focused on building Jammie Jungle into the most iconic and loved lifestyle brand and marketplace. Your responsibilities will primarily revolve around the acquisition of customers through organic, earned and paid for outbound to achieve ambitious growth targets.



Mobile Apps Unlocked – Vegas – May 5 – 6

We are now roughly five weeks out from our next conference dedicated to mobile app acquisition and retention. The onstage presentations and panels will be primarily tactically oriented and our speakers will be sharing their experiences with specific issues (ex: how to effectively leverage email and push, scaling instagram influencers as an acq channel, optimizing TV & radio). I promise that at no point we will discuss whether or not 2015 is “the year of mobile.” Since last week we’ve added attendees from Tencent, KarmaLoop,  Orbitz, Life360, TodayTix, and SGN to name a few. If you are on the “buy side” (aka an in-house marketer for a brand) please contact me to see if qualify for one of our VIP slots. The more the merrier.


Issue 30

March 18, 2015