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Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of professionals who not only have deep experience in mobile growth marketing, but share compelling, actionable content both on and off the stage. In this, our third year, we are excited to build on the growth of our community and bring you a lineup of excellent speakers, attendees and sponsors.

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Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016 // New York City

For the past three years, has brought together the leaders in mobile acquisition and retention for Mobile Apps Unlocked—a two day summit in Las Vegas where we share awesome content and actionable insights that can help you accelerate your mobile growth.

Thanks to the incredible response and growth in attendance, we're adding two new MAU events for 2016 in New York and San Francisco!

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February 3, 2016

Issue 76

Mobile Apps

URX Expands Deep Link Powered Ad Network

URX’s new offering is called AppView Carousel. It is a unit that features a sequence of text/image/link cards that link to an app or mobile web page. Pricing is done on a CPC or CPA. I’m very curious to see if they will be able to get meaningful scale on the publisher side (which is predicated on the CPM performance of their unit relative to standard display networks and content networks like Kixer, Taboola and Outbrain).


DoubleClick’s Bid Manager + Search Arrives (Late) to App Install Game

The blog post outlines a number of new features and functionality geared for app install campaigns across their “DoubleClick Digital Marketing solutions”. They’ve made it much, much easier to target, traffic and report on install campaigns across programmatic display and search. Worth checking out if you are considering internalizing some subset of your display/video/search spend.


Product & Design

The Ultimate Guide to Ad Sizes and Specifications

This site catalogs ad size specs for all of the major channels. It’s also going to be updated on a regular basis.

Really Good Email Designs + the Code to Build Your Own

We’ve linked to the very cool Really Good Emails (link: directory in the past. This is a collection on Codepen of the code behind some of those same emails. The beauty is you can fork the code behind these designs and modify them/use them for inspiration for your own emails.


Another Step in the Adblock Arms Race

This post describes one SSP’s tech that blocks Ad Block itself. I’ve included it here because I think it is emblematic of what I expect will be a near ending arms race between ad block tech and alternatives that can circumvent it.

Issue 75

January 27, 2016