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Mobile Apps Unlocked

The event that defined what a mobile user acquisition and summit could be returns to Las Vegas for two days of intimate networking, candid conversations, and industry advancement.

MAU is tactics not talk. A group of vetted and curated attendees including a strict ratio of 70% marketers and 30% vendor/service providers in a retreat like environment.

If acquisition, retention, attribution, and lifetime value describe you and/or your business, MAU is the right event for you.

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January 28, 2015

Issue 23

Mobile Apps

Mobile Devs Need To Take Advantage Of Twitch

Twitch is a top 5 US site when measured by their share of peak traffic. Bigger than Hulu, Facebook, and Amazon. In this short interview, a researcher that follows the site argues that it is evolving beyond PC games to cover console and mobile gaming, and that mobile game devs ought to seriously consider investing in content for the Twitch community.


Apps, Apps, And Algorithmic Glitches

This is a very data heavy take on app store volatility from the chief data scientist at betaworks. There are some interesting tidbits in here, such as the observation that “a large number of apps appear in the top chart for exactly 129 consecutive days” before dropping out. One other thing to note is his comparison of Beats & SoundCloud. The comparison essentially makes the case for boost/burst campaigns. 


Product & Design

A Calorie Counting App With Superb Copy Writing

I try to include product, design, and development centric articles when I can because I think to be effective in a growth/marketing job you need to be well versed in those areas. With that in mind, I’ve included this article because of the awesome copy writing. The article itself is a “tear down” review of Carrot, a new calorie counting app. Thanks to the writing and the UX they managed to make a very utilitarian app genuinely amusing and memorable.



Conversion Lift Measurement Arrives on FB

If you are on last click attribution and buy traffic on Facebook this is worth a look. This is basically how it works: FB builds a control group directly into your campaign, you measure conversions on your side (via a conversion pixel, custom audience pixel, or POS system), and finally they compare the test and control groups. If you run retargeting campaigns this sort of lift test is probably familiar to you. 


How We Improved Blogger Outreach Placements By 63%

This is a great post that explains how Siege Media (a leading content/SEO agency) significantly boosted their content placement rates. In the post they describe their entire new process, but the biggest impact seems to have come from how they changed their initial pitch. Rather than sharing the content they wanted to have placed immediately, they first described the content and asked if the blogger/site owner was interested in learning more. Only then did they actually send a real link.


All Link Metrics Are Broken

This is a reasonably interesting perspective on how you should measure your linking building efforts (either via internal teams or external agencies). His basic argument is that domain authority is largely obsolete for the purposes of assessing the quality of an inbound link, and that instead you should measure some combination of social shares and how relevant the linking’s site audience is to your content. 


Jobs & Hiring

Director of Acquisition Marketing – MakeSpace

MakeSpace is looking for an experienced Acquisition Marketer to join it’s rapidly growing team. This person will manage all strategic and tactical marketing functions including: acquisition, retention, and analytics. This role requires a deep understanding of how to leverage a wide array of digital and offline marketing channels to develop strategic campaigns to acquire new customers. This person will work alongside the Business Intelligence team to determine LTV of customers, optimize CAC and generate effective strategies and campaigns. Ideal candidates will have 5-7 years of applicable experience from an online/eCommerce/subscription based company, and prior experience in an analytics heavy or management consulting type of role.


Inbound Marketing Manager – Simple

Our mission at Simple is to bring humanity, elegance, and ease to the consumer banking experience. We focus on beautiful interfaces, transparent policies, modern technology, and extraordinary customer service. As Simple’s Inbound Marketing Manager, you’ll lead a team charged with all aspects of organic sourced customer acquisition efforts. You’ll break new ground in social strategy, content marketing, and building online experiences that educate and excite.

VP of Growth – Cobbler Concierge

Cobbler Concierge is a startup intent on disrupting the high-end shoe and leather repair market by bringing technology and service to an industry that needs it. The company will incorporate additional e-commerce offerings to include consignment sale for premium leather goods such as designer shoes and handbags. Reporting to the co-founders, the VP of Growth will design and implement the company’s customer acquisition strategies, to include digital and content marketing initiatives. He/she will also engage with potential partners and affiliates to promote the brand, and be responsible for managing a marketing budget as well as forecasting. The VP will also be instrumental in building their team.

Performance Marketing Specialist – Purch

Purch is a rapidly growing, constantly evolving digital content and services company that helps millions of people make smarter purchases. The Performance Marketing Specialist will play a critical role in implementing, optimizing, scaling and reporting on performance based advertising revenue (Pay per action, lead generation, ecommerce). The right candidate will be data-driven to identify opportunities across our properties and offer optimization recommendations to the workflows and page templates. Our goal is to improve the user experience by providing more efficient buying recommendations which in turn will generate more revenue for Purch.


Issue 22

January 21, 2015