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Mobile Apps Unlocked

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of people who not only know what they are doing but share actionable content on and off the stage.

In a world full of events, it is perhaps easiest to understand MAU by what it isn’t. MAU isn’t a stage full of sales people or regurgitated content about he future of mobile or why growth is so important. Nor is it an audience of only junior level account executives that will make you feel as though you have to hide your badge.

As former LTV marketers, it is why we have obsessed over having the right content and the right people so you can experience ultimate ROI.

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February 25, 2015

Issue 27

Mobile Apps

3 Keys To Driving Mobile App Installs Efficiently And At Scale On Twitter

In this guest post on our very own blog, Josh Van Lente of Ampush’s R&D team shares a few tips on how to make Twitter work for DR app install campaigns. From my perspective, the best tip included here is to use Twitter’s campaign segmentation reporting to optimize both in Twitter and in other channels (ex: Facebook).


Mobile Deeplinking Basics

This is a superb overview of what deeplinking is and how it works. It is especially great because it is written for a nontechnical (or maybe semi-technical) audience. Setting up deeplinking is so simple yet so impactful (particularly when used intelligently in conjunction with email & referrals) that it pains me that adoption is still so low. That said, there is no shame in not having a handle on how to tackle deeplinking as there are so many standards, vendors, random blog posts, and options that it can be overwhelming. If you are still in the researching stage then this post would be a good place to start.


Mobile App User Engagement By Acquisition Daypart Report by

Could utilizing dayparting (both day of week and time of day) have a big impact on lifetime user quality for mobile app acquisition campaigns? This report, written in partnership with Fetch (a leading, mobile app marketing agency), looks at aggregated client data across a wide range of apps in an attempt to answer that question.

A few of the highlights include:

  1. A user acquired during the early evening (5 pm – 10 pm) was ~50% as engaged during their lifetime relative to a user acquired during the prime, mid-day period (10 am – 4 pm)
  2. Media consumption & delivery (aka media spend) actually remain quite high late at night (10 pm – 4 am), but a user acquired during this period is roughly 33% as engaged as a user acquired during the mid-day period (10 am – 4 pm)

You can get the full report here.



Brian Balfour’s Growth Principal Number Four

In this, the fourth edition of Brian’s growth series, he discusses how his growth team at HubSpot applies focus to grow faster.


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

This post should give you a good idea of what is possible using Facebook’s new product ads and a dynamic product feed. This is essentially an evolution of what we know today as FBX. The actual instructions to get this up are behind a paywall, but this post should be a good starting point for your research. I haven’t personally seen this functionality in the Power Editor yet, but Jon claims it is beginning to roll out.


An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on Reddit

This post is admittedly a bit light on details, but if nothing else it might get you thinking about how to take advantage of Reddit as a paid channel. Personally, I’ve yet to meet anyone who can claim to have cracked Reddit. That said, as with any new, under-optimized paid channel, undoubtedly those people do exist (and are happy to coast under the radar).


Jobs & Hiring

Digitial Marketing Manager – RunKeeper

RunKeeper helps more than 40 million people around the world experience the joys of running and is on a mission to build the next great consumer brand. We are looking for a scrappy, analytical digital marketer to join RunKeeper’s growing marketing team. You will be responsible for managing RunKeeper’s online user acquisition and engagement strategy, and optimizing RunKeeper web, blog, email, and social channels to maximize conversion to our paid Elite offering.


PM, Engagements – Remind

We’re on a mission to connect every teacher, student and parent in the world to improve education. As an Engagements PM on the growth team, you will be leveraging email, push notifications and SMS to help achieve our mission. You will transform strategic business objectives into relevant and targeted email campaigns to increase our reach, engagement, and conversion metrics, while supporting brand objectives. You will work closely with engineering, design, data science and product managers.


Mobile Marketing Analyst – Orbitz

Does working for a leading global travel brand headquartered in Chicago that is at the forefront of mobile design and technology interest you?  Are you passionate about the critical intersection of online marketing and mobile?  If so, the Analyst, Mobile Marketing position is the right opportunity for you. Key responsibilities include: understanding channel level performance for online marketing campaigns across desktop, mobile web, tablet web & mobile apps, developing strategies to optimize performance of mobile marketing campaigns, and partnering with Online Marketing channel managers & the Product organization to prioritize and implement mobile marketing initiatives.


Digital & Customer Marketing Director – Tough Mudder

Reporting directly to the CMO, the Digital & Customer Marketing Director will define and implement the Digital & Customer strategy across all platforms (different screens and/or different targets) and along the entire Customer Journey in order to reach business objectives and to contribute to Tough Mudder’s brands’ awareness/consideration development (Tough Mudder, Mudderella, Urban Mudder, etc.) globally.


Looking To Be Hired – User Acq/Marketing Director With International Exp. Looking For Great Team/Product

Currently Marketing Director at a SaaS co. but looking for something more exciting and fast-paced. 8 years experience working internationally in Middle East, Latin America and Asia with early stage startups focusing on a myriad of projects and obstacles.  Built growth to 2 Major exits in the last 5 years.

Why hire me? Originally trained in User Acq. I’ve now worked/consulted both agency-side and client-side and on all different types of projects from Real Estate to Classifieds and with zero budget and huge budgets. In startups, being able to rely on a lead with previous experience who can act swiftly and be ready to rebound makes me a huge asset to any growing team. Looking for a well funded company that is done with product development, but has huge potential to explode with the right, motivated, passionate Marketing leader owning growth.

[From Adam: If you are interested in connecting with this anonymous candidate, please email adaml at with a job description/req. I will share your position with this candidate and if there is mutual interest I will connect both of you. In a related note, I'm very pleased to report that an anonymous candidate that was listed here a few weeks ago just took a job through one of these connections!]


Mobile Apps Unlocked – Vegas – May 5 – 6

We are less than 70 days away from MAU 2015 in Vegas. Though this is a bit unorthodox, I actually want to share my excitement about our sponsors this year. We are extremely fortunate that MAU will be supported by a really awesome mix of vendors including AdColony, AppLovin, Apsalar, BlueStack, Fetch, Fiksu, GrowMobile, Kahuna, and TapCommerce. For our events our focus is always on ensuring that our onstage content is actually useful and that we have a group of smart marketers that can learn from each other. Having really great sponsors helps to make those two things possible.


Issue 26

February 18, 2015