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For the past three years, has brought together the leaders in mobile acquisition and retention for Mobile Apps Unlocked, the world's premier mobile marketing event, where we share awesome content and actionable insights that can help you accelerate your mobile growth.

Now for 2016, we're launching an exciting new summit — GrowthStack SF. While MAU is primarily centered around growth strategy and tactics, GrowthStack will be focused on the tools, tech and team structure you need in order to unlock your brand's full growth potential. Throughout the event, you'll hear from leading brands and apps about the tools they use, how they picked them and what their experiences have been marketing to the rapidly changing mobile space.

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September 21, 2016

Issue 109

Mobile Apps

comScore (Still) Says Half US Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps per Month

As the article points out, their surveying has consistently reached this conclusion for the last 2 or 3 years.


Facebook New Dynamic Ads for Retail

This tweak coincides with AMP rolling out more broadly in main, organic search results.


A Good Example of Why IMessage Apps Have Huge Potential for Social Games

A solid contributor’s post on Gamastura that highlights an iMessage specific word game, WordDare.


Snapchat Pushes Further Into Digital Ad Targeting

I missed this announcement when putting together last week’s newsletter. Snapchat announced three new target options, including Snap Audience Match, a custom audience equivalent.



The Biggest Google Ad Updates Are Also the Quietest

Third and fourth ads on phones, expanding PLA impressions, and the growth of the PLA partner network are among the important changes that “haven’t been well publicized” per this analyst.

Issue 108

September 14, 2016