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GrowCommerce is the meeting place for eCommerce practitioners that are charged with acquiring, engaging, and optimizing across the range of online channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of eCommerce verticals. We will discuss the shifting dynamics in long standing, core channels like PPC & SEO and new, emerging channels including influencers, content distribution, and mobile apps.

Our focus will be on ROI positive acquisition and the tools, tactics, and team required to achieve it.

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Mobile Apps Unlocked

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of people who not only know what they are doing but share actionable content on and off the stage.

In a world full of events, it is perhaps easiest to understand MAU by what it isn’t. MAU isn’t a stage full of sales people or regurgitated content about he future of mobile or why growth is so important. Nor is it an audience of only junior level account executives that will make you feel as though you have to hide your badge.

MAU connects brands with the people and information to help them acquire, engage, and optimize their mobile marketing efforts effectively and profitably.

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May 19, 2015

Issue 39

Mobile Apps

Facebook Ends Device-Level Data Collection For App Install Ads

One week ago, Facebook quietly announced that Mobile Measurement Partners will no longer have access to device level reporting. The change will fully roll out in mid August. Instead, reporting will only be available at the ad level. In other words, campaign/ad performance in aggregate is available (ex: we spent $500, drove 100 installs, of which 20 have transacted to date) but the user/device level data is gone.


Amazon Launches New Ad Platform To Target Android And Fire Users

The new platform includes access to standard mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network in addition to Fire tablet wakescreen ad inventory. The wakescreen ads look awesome. The new platform is entirely self-serve.


A Look At ASO Factors For Top Google Play Apps

This is a reasonably interesting post that looks at the top 10 Google Play apps in each app category. It looks at average description length, average ratings, and average number of screenshots by category.


CPA Bidding For Installs Is Coming To Pinterest Very Soon

FB offers CPA bidding for app installs. Lo and behold, Pinterest is going to do the same starting this summer!


Product & Design

3 Product Principles Dashlane Learned From Material Design

For those interested in design/UX I highly recommend this post from one of the Dashlane cofounders. He shares their learnings from building their new Android app in accordance with Google’s material design guidelines.



Google To Add Buy Buttons + Product Transaction Flows To Mobile, Paid Search Ads For Select Retailers

Google probably thinks your mobile e-commerce site experience sucks, and that they could convert sales better. This reported, new experiment is their opportunity to prove that hypothesis. The article reports that buy buttons will be added to paid ads on mobile (to start) that click through to Google product pages (which are “heavily branded” for the retailer) where the final transaction itself occurs. In this model, retailers simplify fulfill and service orders. Google will still give the retailers email address etc to allow for subsequent selling.


Bing Introduces Their Approach To Mobile-Friendly Search

Bing is now tagging results as “mobile-friendly.” The bigger news is that mobile-friendly pages will get an algo bump for mobile searches, but “webpages that are highly relevant to the given query that are not yet mobile-friendly will not get penalized.” That is basically a softer, friendlier version of Google’s changes.


One SEO’s Approach To Manipulating Search Rankings Via the Usage Metrics Signal

This is a really fascinating, remarkably open description of one SEO’s approach to improve the rankings for his site (in this case a dutch dating site) by exploiting Google’s usage metrics/social signals. He is using a Bot Network called PandaBot to drive likes/follows/shares/subscribes plus drive high CTRs in search and lots of on site activity. This is obviously the sort of thing Google will attempt to crack down on, but doing so could actually prove quite challenging…


Facebook Quietly Killing FBX And The Impact On The Remarketing Industry

The title of this article is sensationalist, but its content is quite interesting. The basic argument here is that it is only a matter of time until Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are the only (and best!) means through which marketers can buy retargeting on FB, as FBX will soon be fully sunset. The second leg of his argument is that even were FBX access to remain in place for some vendors, the fact that they don’t have access to mobile inventory is itself a nonstarter. There is also an almost undoubtedly true claim here that some FBX retargeting vendors actively markup FBX inventory 100%+ for end clients under the guise of dynamic/CPC/or other pricing models.


Jobs & Hiring

Looking To Be Hired – Head of Marketing/Growth International Marketing Lead

Creative executive with 15+ years of experience with Internet ventures in Fortune 100 and startup companies. Specialize in marketing, strategic partnerships, customer acquisition, and general management. Looking for Head of Marketing/Growth for mid-sized Internet company. Overview of accomplishments:

  • In music tech startup – decreased CPA 4x, increased conversion 4x, and increased LTV 25% via rigorous paid ad testing and building full marketing infrastructure
  • Increased conversion by 20x on partner site through integration to serve real-time targeted offers
  • Re-launched $30MM/yr revenue product to lift profit by 20% for 5 years
  • At American Express, led $50MM+ multi-channel co-marketing campaign sequences targeting high-value customers for response rates >10x regular levels

[From Adam: If you are interested in connecting with this anonymous candidate, please email with a job description/req. I will share your position with this candidate and if there is mutual interest I will connect both of you.]

Marketing Manager, Mobile Display – Uber

Uber is looking to further build out it’s performance marketing team with a stellar user acquisition candidate who can own the planning, execution & measurement for all-things mobile acquisition.  The ideal person for this role is someone who is intimately familiar with the world of mobile/app advertising, incredibly data-driven & is a flawless manager/executor of campaigns.


Acquisition Manager – Jump Ramp Games

Jump Ramp Games is the first to deliver a new mobile rewards experience to middle income America on their smartphones.  Players come back daily to engage with our fun casual games while discovering new rewards, winning prizes, saving money and unlocking deals. We’re looking for a rockstar Acquisition Manager to join our growing startup. Ideally you thrive in a fast-paced environment and have had significant experience in acquiring users successfully through paid media on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. As a performance-based marketer, you realize that ROI is key to driving a successful acquisition campaign.


Offline Acquisition Marketing Manager – Harry’s

We are looking for a thoughtful, intellectually curious and razor sharp person (no pun intended…or is it?) to join our Acquisition Marketing team. Our team is growing quickly and we are responsible for helping share Harry’s with the world. The offline acquisition marketing manager will play an integral role growing key offline acquisition channels and developing the strategy, budget, execution, analysis and measurement of mass media channels such as radio.  In this position you will be using your creative and analytical skills to understand our customers, construct smart tests, create marketing programs and quickly iterate & optimize to drive growth and efficient performance.


Head Of Marketing – Clef

Clef has spread to power hundreds of thousands of logins through word of mouth, and now it’s time for us to do more. As our audience grows (quickly!), we need your help to build and execute a thoughtful marketing plan. Your job will be to engage our existing users, reach out to new users, and maintain our voice as we grow. You will start by organizing and managing our current marketing efforts, but over time you will have the budget and support to do a lot more — eventually you will hire a team and run Clef’s marketing yourself.



GrowCommerce 2015 – July 28 – New York

GrowCommerce is back for it’s second edition! The event brings together e-commerce practitioners that are charged with acquiring, engaging, and optimizing across the range of online channels. Topics at this year include: trials & tribulations of implementing multi-touch attribution, the role of deeplinking in mobile apps to drive sales and retention, and how to scale FB was a pure sales channel (among many others!). Over the course of the next few weeks we will be releasing the speaker list & agenda!


Issue 38

May 13, 2015