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October 29, 2014

Issue 11

Mobile Apps

10,000 Mobile Apps Later and What We Learned

This is an excellent post from two entrepreneurs that downloaded 500 apps a day (over 10k in total) in 2014. They share a list of 10 big lessons they learned from the experience that range from UX & design to paying for reviews. At the end of the post they go a little overboard slamming non-technical CEOs & founders for my liking, but that aside it is a very interesting article.


An Inside Look At’s Referral Campaigns

The Yozio team was extremely gracious to allow me to share this customer case study focused on The case study is well worth a read, as it describes how is using deep linking (via Yozio) to intelligently route traffic and personalize experiences for new & returning users. One useful anecdote is that their SMS referral program had a 25% conversion rate whereas their Twitter CVR was .25%.


Twitter Digits Lets Apps & Sites Offer Login Via Phone Number

Twitter held their Flight conference last week, and one of the major highlights was their release of Digits. Digits is a part of the Fabric platform and it allows any site or app to let users login using their phone numbers rather than their email addresses or social accounts. Twitter has positioned Digits as a tool to unlock growth in international markets, as phone numbers are one of the (the only?) most ubiquitous unique identifiers on the planet.


Will Free Data Become The Next Free Shipping?

I don’t think of the Wall St Journal as being a great source for writing about marketing experiments, but this article shatters that preconception. The article focuses on a few sites/apps (Slate, Expedia, Kickbit) as they explore different approaches to using free data as an additional incentive for users.


Product & Design

How We Figured Out What Makes People Love Ghost 1,000% More is one of the new breed of blogging/publishing platforms. In this very thoughtful post one of the Ghost founders shares their approach, step by step, in creating a better user onboarding experience. He start from his simple correlation analysis (that identified their key “aha” moments) and ends with his product and email implementations/tweaks.


What Share of Social Logins Does Google Have?

At this point, including FB connect as an account creation option is a nearly universal design decision. In my experience, the question that always arises next is “Should we include Google as well?” This report from Gigya should help answer that question. Their numbers suggest that FB currently has a 58% share of social logins while Google has 24% (mind you, this is their share of social logins, not total logins, so the truly universal email/pw option is not measured here).



Bing Ads Announces Universal Event Tracking

For those of you that run Bing campaigns this is worth a quick read. The gist here is that Bing has launched an overhaul of their existing “campaign analytics” conversion tracking tool. The new UET tags run sitewide so you won’t need to continue to create individual tags for individual goals.


Jobs & Hiring

Looking to be hired – Experienced, NYC Based Acquisition Marketer

I am a marketer with a solid foundation in online marketing & growth strategy. Having gotten my start in marketing by founding my own agency, I have witnessed digital marketing campaigns get amazing results in a wide variety of business verticals. I have worked with large companies, well-funded startups, local businesses, and have mentored over 100+ startups during my time working at a small business incubator. My goal is to drive results which reflect in the bottom line, rather than in rankings, traffic, and email subscribers. With over 7 years of online marketing experience, I leverage business logic in order to maximize ROI from online advertising & marketing campaigns and utilize the latest proven strategies and techniques in order to increase the revenue and profit of my clients and companies I work for. I am NYC based, but I am open to relocation for the right role.

If you are interested in connecting with this candidate please email me (Adam) with your opening and I will make the connection!

Mobile User Acquisition Manager – Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH), headquartered in Port Washington, NY, is a multi-channel direct marketer of value-based merchandise, magazines and promotional offers and a leading provider of digital “play and win” entertainment. We are looking for someone that is self-motivated and ready to create and implement multi channel user acq campaigns (paid, owned, earned). This is a great opportunity for someone who has managed campaigns before to take a step up into more responsibility in a high scale role. Email me (Adam) if you’d like to see the full job req!

Paid Marketing Lead – Canvas

Recognized as one of the hottest start-up companies in the DC area, Canvas has been featured as a leader in the mobile app for business space and featured in places like The Washington Post, Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine and others. We are looking for a paid marketing and user acquisition expert to help acquire new leads and customers through online pay-per-click and cost-per-acquisition campaigns. You will be in charge of all external, online acquisition marketing—managing the strategy, execution, and optimization across channels.


Issue 10

October 27, 2014