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Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of professionals who not only have deep experience in mobile growth marketing, but share compelling, actionable content both on and off the stage. In this, our third year, we are excited to build on the growth of our community and bring you a lineup of excellent speakers, attendees and sponsors.

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MAU 2016 // New York City

MAU New York 2016 is the NYC edition of's highly regarded mobile acquisition and retention retreat. The event helps brands grow in today's rapidly evolving, mobile-first world. Similarly to MAU Vegas, our NY summit will be multi-vertical but draw heavily from New York's ecosystem of e-commerce brands. Content will focus on both acquisition and retention—covering both native apps and mobile web.

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April 27, 2016

Issue 88

Mobile Apps

Twitter Adds Ad Groups to Campaign Structure

A small change but a meaningful one, as Twitter continues to play catchup to reach feature parity with Facebook & Google.


Solid Interview With Tim Koschella, CEO of Applift

Applift’s CEO shares his thoughts on ad fraud, attribution, and the mobile performance market.


Appsflyer’s “Game of Phones”

As a GoT fan, this week I had to include this genuinely impressive, GoT inspired, interactive map of the mobile ecosystem.


Please Complete Our Survey: State of Mobile App Marketing and mParticle are running a short survey on the state of mobile app marketing. We’ll be releasing the results next week at MAU in Las Vegas and publishing the full report in an upcoming newsletter. Please take a few minutes to fill out it out (app marketers + developers only). Your participation makes you eligible for some really cool prizes (thanks to mParticle) and gets you exclusive access to upcoming VIP events being hosted by mParticle in Las Vegas and New York.


Product & Design

Web Performance Teardown for a Major News Site

I regularly include articles like this in this newsletter as I think general performance is both an interesting topic & an increasingly crucial one for growth people to understand. This is a really clear case walk-through of one site’s waterfall chart and how they might improve performance.


Has Brand PPC Gotten More Expensive Post Right Rail Removal?

This SEM agency’s data suggests that the cost to maintain top position on branded search has jumped dramatically. It isn’t entirely clear how much data/how many clients are being analyzed here so I’m deeply skeptical that the 60% CPC jump is universal. Nonetheless it might be worth double-checking if you buy brand queries.

FYI – Emails Are Officially Turning off

If you have any legacy email addresses in your DB you might consider asking those users to update their settings as those emails will stop forwarding on May 1.

Issue 87

April 20, 2016