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Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of professionals who not only have deep experience in mobile growth marketing, but share compelling, actionable content both on and off the stage. In this, our third year, we are excited to build on the growth of our community and bring you a lineup of excellent speakers, attendees and sponsors.

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Mobile Apps Unlocked 2016 // New York City

For the past three years, has brought together together the leaders in mobile acquisition and retention for Mobile Apps Unlocked—a two day summit in Las Vegas where we share awesome content and actionable insights that can help you accelerate your mobile growth.

Thanks to the incredible response and growth in attendance, we're adding two new MAU events for 2016 in New York and San Francisco!

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October 7, 2015

Issue 59

Mobile Apps

Appsflyer’s Media Source Performance Index For Ecommerce, Travel & Utility Apps

This blog post summarizes a downloadable report that Appsflyer released this week. The report is a comparative study of mobile media sources’ ability to drive quality, retained users/customers. A few highlights:

  • Twitter & AdWords were the two best sources for retained users on both iOS and Android
  • Cheetah Mobile was rated #3 on the Android side
  • On Android, retention rates for organic users were 50-150% better than that of paid (a bigger disparity than was observed on the iOS platform)

As always, it is worth pointing out that this report does not include cost data, so it is not necessarily indicative of which sources offer the best ROAS, although high rates retention are obviously a very strong signal in that regard.


Sensor Tower Releases a WhatRunsWhere/SimilarWeb-Esque Tool For Mobile App Comp Intel

I don’t typically include links to companies’ product launches, but this is a worthwhile exception. Sensor Tower’s ad intelligence tool allows you to see competitors’ creative, see where your competitors are spending by network, and keep an eye on burst campaigns going on in the market. If it does everything that they claim (I’ve yet to see a full demo personally) then this will be really powerful. I’m a power user of WhatRunsWhere for the web, and I can attest that the kind of intel a tool like it produces is extremely useful and practical.


Google Announces New, Additional Ranking Boost For Using App Indexing API

At SMX East, an analyst with Google announced that the company is introducing a ranking boost for content indexed using their new API. As this post explains, via the API Google can see which pages are most visited/most popular with searchers and will, in turn, rank those pages/views higher.


Product & Design

Google (And Twitter) Just Announced An Open Source Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages) To Improve Page Load Times

This is a Search Engine Land post that summarizes an announcement made at an event this morning from Google. The gist is that it is an open source project that publishers can use to “pull from a common library of scripts/other content” or to “optionally tap into the Google cache.” I’ll include another article next week once all of the details are written up.


PebblePost Launches To Link Direct Mail To Online Activity Using Third Party Data

This is a pretty cool fund raising announcement/introduction for PebblePost, which aims to “bring real-time analytics to direct mail campaigns for the first time.” I checked out the site as well and it looks pretty cool. According to this article, their initial focus will be on retail & eCommerce customers.


Traction Book Relaunches, and It Is Still Excellent

Traction is an excellent book co-authored by the CEO of DuckDuckGo and Justin Mares. It is easily one of the best online marketing-centric books I’ve read, and I regularly recommend it to people that are looking to stay up to date or even want to break into this space. They’ve also been very open about the book publishing process in a few cool medium posts like this one in which they share their revenues, profits, etc. The book just relaunched yesterday, and is being published by Penguin Random House, which is pretty cool.


Issue 58

September 30, 2015