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GrowCommerce 2015

GrowCommerce is the meeting place for eCommerce professionals charged with acquiring, engaging, and optimizing across the range of digital channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of eCommerce verticals. We will discuss the shifting dynamics in long standing, core channels like PPC & SEO and new, emerging channels including influencers, content distribution, and mobile apps.

Our focus will be on ROI positive acquisition and the tools, tactics, and team required to achieve it. And unlike almost all other events, brands will outnumber everyone else.

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July 1, 2015

Issue 45

Mobile Apps

AdWords Makes Changes To Combat Accidental Clicks On Mobile

The changes include blocking clicks close to image edges, changing which elements of interstitial ads are clickable, and a brief clickability delay time post ad load. I’ve included this article because I think these changes could have a material impact (5%+) on AdWords ROAS for install campaigns.


Using Video In Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Drops CPI By 16% For Gaming Advertisers

This is a very straight forward report that looks at the CPI differences between video & image mobile app install ads on FB. The data set is comprised of data from Nanigan’s 10 largest, gaming clients that are using both image and video units in the US.


Product & Design

Drop Downs Should Be The UI Of Last Resort

A few, quick examples of alternatives to drop downs in form design. The primary offender (and impetus for the post) is a brutal American Airlines mobile site.



AOL Will Now Be Selling Advertising on Microsoft Properties And Will Now Feature Bing

AOL’s sales team will be selling against all of the major MSFT properties including Xbox, Skype, and MSN while AOL’s sites will feature Bing search. The Bing part of this deal seems significant, as it provides yet another incentive for advertisers to pay attention to Bing. Intuitively, it seems likely that AOL’s selling against the MSFT properties will have a much bigger impact on the brand advertising world than on the direct response side. I assume that in large part because AOL hasn’t exactly blazed the trail in the very DR centric mobile apps ad ecosystem.


Is Click Through Rate A Ranking Signal?

This is an excellent, in depth investigation into whether or not Google uses CTR as a ranking signal (something Google has never confirmed). If true, the big takeaway here is that testing page titles & meta descriptions is still very impactful.


A Script To Adjust AdWords Bids For Every Hour+Day Combination

In my experience, effective dayparting can have a huge impact on ROAS. This is a great, relatively basic script that allows you to adjust your AdWords bids for every hour+day combination. The script was built in response to the limitations of the native AdWords interface, which allows for only 6 unique bidding windows per day.


4 Tips To Optimize Your Gmail Sponsored Promotions Campaigns

Have you tested Gmail Sponsored Promotions? If so, this post is worth a quick read as it includes a few useful optimization tips (including domain targeting, which is crucial). If not, I suggest you read 3Q’s very good starter’s guide to GSPs.


Facebook Is Testing Lead Ads For Easy Email Capture

Lead ads are a new mobile ad format that allows for a two-tap email capture process. They are currently only available for a small group of beta testers. They function in more or less the same way as Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. They will undoubtedly convert like crazy, but count me as skeptical that they will be able to find a reasonable balance between email quality and email cost. Twitter certainly hasn’t in the last ~2 years.



GrowCommerce 2015 – July 28 – New York

GrowCommerce is our annual event dedicated to acquiring and retaining customers in the modern ecommerce ecosystem. In the past week we’ve added speakers from Mack Weldon, Warby Parker, and Vitamin Shoppe among others. I’m genuinely excited about our RSVPs thus far which include marketers from Gilt, Dollar Shave Club, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, Tiffany, 1-800-Flowers, New York Times, Sleepy’s, Casper, and Harry’s. Our goal is for the event to be an opportunity for folks across the ecommerce spectrum to interact… a mixture of ecommerce pure plays and major offline+online brands.


Issue 44

June 24, 2015