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November 24, 2014

Issue 14

Mobile Apps

eBay To Launch Native Ad Formats in 2015

Like most major publishers, eBay is soon to in the business of selling native ads. This article describes their plans for a 2015 rollout. Additionally, their head of advertising shares that they plan to move towards programmatic selling of these & other units, although they will start by selling them directly. eCommerce apps – take notice.


Google Analytics Catches Up To 2011

Google Analytics announced a new feature this week: the ability to track iOS install campaigns properly. They have integrations with a handful of 3rd party sources in addition to AdWords. That being said, since you probably have a mobile attribution vendor in place already I’m willing to bet you don’t really care. I included the article because this is another sign that Google, as a mega entity, may be finally catching up in the apps space.


4 Major Competitive Trends In Mobile App Stores

This is an interesting post that looks at rank volatility within the iOS & Play stores. I found that the most interesting observation was that rank volatility in the Play Store has increased significantly over time which suggests that the ecosystem is becoming more competitive (and potentially more efficient).


Product & Design

How Best Practices Change For Mobile-Responsive Landing Pages

This is excellent post from Unbounce full of anecdotes/interviews with a handful of marketers. I liked the third point about taking advantage of HTML5 input types like “email” and “website” best.



Thalamus – The Largest Vendor Database on EARTH

This is new, really cool resource I recommend you check out. The folks at Thalamus have built a query-able DB of vendors of all shapes & sizes. Gone are the days of wondering whether or not your search for a given solution (say, for example, an ESP) was actually comprehensive. It is also worth noting that there is a user review component to this as well.


Web Performance For eCommerce Sites On Mobile Is Terrible

If you have been a subscriber to this newsletter for long you’ve probably noticed that I have a predilection for any writing about performance/speed. This is another great example of that genre. This data is based on research by RadWare that focused on the top 100 eCommerce sites (per Alexa). In the post, the author references a Kissmetrics study that found that 40% of users abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Despite that, the median m-dot site in this study took 4.8 seconds to load and the median full site took 11 seconds on iPhones 5s. 


TRUSTe Gets Penalized By The FTC

If you are a client of TRUSTe this would be worth a quick read. This week the FTC announced a settlement that penalizes TRUSTe for having failed to recertify some of their clients’ sites annually. 


Jobs & Hiring

Director of Customer Acquisition – Nisolo

Nisolo is a disruptive, socially conscious fashion company creating value for consumers and producers in the fashion space through the design, manufacturing, and direct-distribution of handmade leather shoes, accessories and select apparel goods. We’re seeking to hire a full-stack marketer who has the experience and expertise to lead the build-out of Nisolo’s marketing and customer acquisition programs.


Issue 13

November 12, 2014