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October 15, 2014

Issue 9

Mobile Apps

9 Growth Hacking Tips To Boost Your Mobile Game’s Success

Though this article is primarily intended for game developers, I think anyone involved in user acq will find points of interest here. The author discusses messaging apps, VKontakte (the Russian Facebook), playable ads and more. The best tip here is at the bottom of slide #3. The author suggests buying In-Stream TruViews on YouTube (where you pay only for completed 30 second views) and using only the first 20 seconds for the actual commercial while reserving the last 10 seconds for a static logo and CTA screen. The idea here is that users who are interested will click through while users who don’t will skip before the 30 second mark is hit.


Making Referrals Work for Airbnb

The Airbnb referral program is exemplary, especially within the mobile app. If you haven’t played with it I highly recommend you check it out. This article goes step by step through the program from implementation to creative to measurement. This was posted in March, but I only just stumbled across it this week. It is worth noting that they are using Yozio behind the scenes to make this work.


Product & Design

Stock Photography vs Real Photos

This article is a plea to marketers to cut down (or even eliminate) their use of stock photography. It is a fun read (as are most posts on ConversionXL). The most interesting evidence he includes is from a 2010, eye-tracking study that found that photos of real people are “often treated as important visual content” whereas stock photograhpy is not. 


Front End Performance Heatmap Bookmarlet

Improving page performance is perhaps the only guaranteed way to improve your conversion rates. It works. Every.single.time. With that in mind, you might want to check out this fun bookmarklet that loads a performance heatmap right in your browser. Even if you aren’t a developer you will be able to pester your team about improving the darkest spots on your heatmap.



How To Avoid Delusional Thinking In Start-up Growth Strategy

This is one of the best (and somewhat sobering) descriptions of constructing a growth strategy that I’ve ever read. It was written by one of the HowAboutWe cofounders and guest posted on Andrew Chen’s always excellent blog. The are a ton of interesting thoughts in here but the one that really jumped out for me was the idea of the “magical conception” of biz dev as a means to drive growth. He writes that “many — if not most — early BizDev ideas are rooted in delusion about the traffic-driving potential of proposed partners.” I think that is 100% on the money.


WTF Is Programmatic TV Advertising?

Hopefully by now you’ve wrapped your head around the world of DSPs, DMPs, SSPs and the countless other ad tech acronyms that make media buying both better & more confusing. But do you know much about programmatic buying of TV inventory? I definitely don’t, and I’ve included this article in case you want a quick primer too. One key takeaway is that we still in the early innings as less than 1% of TV inventory is expected to be sold programmatically in 2014. 

Google Advertisement Labeling – Where Did The Colors Go?

This is a brief analysis of how the background colors behind ads in Google search results have changed over the years. The author’s argument is that Google is deliberately moving away from the use of clear visual cues to distinguish advertising from normal results (which is exactly what the FTC’s guidelines call for). My perspective is that Google’s behavior in this regard is consistent with the trend of “native” advertising in the broader industry. I have no idea if this trend is a good or bad thing for consumers, but we are clearly moving dead ahead in the direction of less distinguishable advertising (irrespective of the FTC guidelines).


Jobs & Hiring

Acquisition Marketing Manager – Cricket’s Circle

We built Cricket’s Circle with one simple belief: every new and expectant parent deserves a short, honest answer on what to buy for baby. With an e-commerce storefront featuring an ultra-curated product mix, a personalized, responsive baby registry, and a celeb and checklist-filled blog, Cricket’s Circle has become the destination for women in the know. We are looking for a Acquisition Marketing Manager to help Cricket’s Circle build out a world-class direct marketing program. If you are interested in learning more about the role please email me (Adam) and I can connect you with the team.


Head of Direct Marketing – Dashlane

Dashlane is a rapidly growing venture backed startup based in NYC and Paris. With over 2 million customers, we are the leading password manager and digital wallet. We make the internet easy – dealing with passwords, registrations and payment forms is a breeze with Dashlane, on every website and every device. This person will be a crucial part of the Dashlane management team and our growth effort. 


Product Manager – Liquid Wireless

Liquid Wireless is a leading provider of mobile audience-marketing products that help performance and brand marketers reach their goals. The company’s industry leading Audience Science Demand Platform applies intelligent technology to proprietary big data to master ALL the challenges of mobile advertising and accurate audience reach. The ideal Product Manager candidate is someone who has both business and technology savvy, who communicates clearly, and who can lead all aspects of the product management process including generating and vetting ideas, gathering requirements, writing specifications, guiding development, launching products in the market, and supporting the product after launch.


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Issue 8

October 8, 2014