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MAU 2016 // New York City

MAU New York 2016 is the NYC edition of's highly regarded mobile acquisition and retention retreat. The event helps brands grow in today's rapidly evolving, mobile-first world. Similarly to MAU Vegas, our NY summit will be multi-vertical but draw heavily from New York's ecosystem of e-commerce brands. Content will focus on both acquisition and retention—covering both native apps and mobile web.

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GrowCommerce 2016

GrowCommerce is the meeting place for e-commerce professionals charged with acquiring, engaging and optimizing customers across the range of digital channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of e-commerce verticals. We will discuss the shifting dynamics in long standing, core channels like PPC and influencer marketing, as well as new, emerging channels including proximity marketing, content distribution and programmatic TV.

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July 20, 2016

Issue 100

Mobile Apps

Facebook Introduces “App Event Optimization”

App Event Optimization is essentially CPA bidding where the action being optimized for can be set to an event of your choosing, rather than only the initial install event. They also announced that, in the coming weeks, dynamic ads and Canvas are going to open up for app-specific campaigns.


MightySignal’s Free Directory of Top SDKs Used by Top Free Apps in the App Store

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on mobile web monetization and I’m really surprised at the frequency with which I run into the redirect fraud as described in this article. The article covers the “infiltrated creative route” (aka bad creative being served by a legitimate network) which is generally what I’ve experienced first hand. I’ve been redirected into the App Store to download a number of large, legitimate apps which suggests that there are some bad affiliate deals being signed on a pretty regular basis.


Rich Formatting of Play Store Description Leads to 16% Install Rate A/B Test Win

The Boomerang team has graciously shared the results of their experiment in formatting their app description on Google Play. Worth a read.



Google Introduces Speedier Ads to Its Accelerated Mobile Pages Program

Google introduced AMP for Ads (and, notably, landing pages) as they deepen their investment in their AMP standard.

Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor?

A somewhat verbose defense/reassertion of the impact of inbound links on SEO.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Markup

This is very much an introductory guide, but if you aren’t using schema markup this might be worth a quick read.

Custom Audiences Based on Video Engagement on FB

The Custom Audience builder now allows you to build audiences based on the percentage of video view completion (ie only users who viewed in excess of 50% of a video). This seriously aids the tactic of using videos for broad targeting and then dialing in an engaged/aware subset for conversion centric campaigns.

Issue 99

July 13, 2016