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For the past three years, has brought together the leaders in mobile acquisition and retention for Mobile Apps Unlocked, the world's premier mobile marketing event, where we share awesome content and actionable insights that can help you accelerate your mobile growth.

Now for 2016, we're launching an exciting new summit — GrowthStack SF. While MAU is primarily centered around growth strategy and tactics, GrowthStack will be focused on the tools, tech and team structure you need in order to unlock your brand's full growth potential. Throughout the event, you'll hear from leading brands and apps about the tools they use, how they picked them and what their experiences have been marketing to the rapidly changing mobile space.

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August 17, 2016

Issue 104

Mobile Apps

AMA with Alex Valle, Head of Mobile App Ad Products at Google

I have the pleasure of moderating our app marketers/brands only Google Group, which is a rather active group comprising over 800 people. As an experiment, we will be conducting an AMA on August 30th with Google’s Head of Mobile App Ad Products, focused on “Going Beyond the Install”.

The whole AMA will take place within the group/forum so you’ll need to apply for access in advance if you want to ask a question.


Paid Channel Performance Index for H1 By Appsflyer

I’m a little late to the game as this came out a few weeks ago, but nonetheless this is the latest iteration of Appflyer’s excellent report on channel quality. Below are some highlights from the report that Michael H shared via the group (thanks Michael!):

“Google making big retention gains:  #1 position in the iOS global retention index, while on Android it went up four spots to reach second place. Twitter moving up the retention rankings: up one spot to reach the #1 position on Android, globally. On iOS, it jumped six places to #3. Android retention higher than iOS: Overall, Android outranked iOS in usage, but only by 7% globally. Differences we’re mainly evident in North America and Europe.”


Pinterest Starts Rolling out Native Video Ads

I’d be willing to bet that Pinterest’s ad products will evolve more in the next 12 months than they have in the last 3 years.


Mobile App Retention Rates Are Abysmal

A good reminder from Localytics’ blog that 20% is a typical, 90 day retention rate.



How to Analyze and Segment an Email List (for Free!) Using FB

A short post that shows you exactly how to bring in a custom audience to FB and analyze it using the Audience tool. This site is both a blog and a solid, weekly newsletter on all things “growth hacking”. It’s worth checking out.

10 Question-Based Keywords that Drive Tons of High-Quality Traffic

This is a relatively simple post, but I think the core suggestion of being thoughtful about adding full questions as keywords is a good one.

Google Now Limiting Keyword Planner Data

Google is now giving less granular keyword data to smaller advertisers, and many people are REALLY angry.

Issue 103

August 10, 2016