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For the past three years, has brought together the leaders in mobile acquisition and retention for Mobile Apps Unlocked, the world's premier mobile marketing event, where we share awesome content and actionable insights that can help you accelerate your mobile growth.

Now for 2016, we're launching an exciting new summit — GrowthStack SF. While MAU is primarily centered around growth strategy and tactics, GrowthStack will be focused on the tools, tech and team structure you need in order to unlock your brand's full growth potential. Throughout the event, you'll hear from leading brands and apps about the tools they use, how they picked them and what their experiences have been marketing to the rapidly changing mobile space.

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October 19, 2016

Issue 113

Mobile Apps

App Store Search Ads Are CRUSHING

A quick study from Mobile Action looking at 70+ campaigns. Average cost per tap is at $.20, CPAs at $.40.


Liftoff’s H1 CPI & CPA Benchmarks Report

One of the better periodic vendor-published reports out there. I think the most interesting data here is on page 14, where downstream activity is compared for iOS and Android users. Fair warning that this does require a form complete.


Limit Ad Tracking Rates Are Relatively Stable According to Adjust’s Data

18% of users have LAT enabled, but Adjust isn’t seeing a major upward trend globally so far (although the US rates have consistently risen).


Product & Design

Launch of an AI Customer Service

One of, if not the first AI-powered tools I’ve seen for in-app customer service. Pretty cool.


Within Months, Google to Divide Its Index, Giving Mobile Users Better & Fresher Content

A major announcement at Pubcon from Google. There are still a ton of unknowns about what this means but I’m sure the webmaster team will start sharing more details very soon.

Google Introduces Click-To-Message

Just set up a message extension with some pre-written message text and you are good to go.

Google’s Updates to RLSA

They point out that RLSA (basically search retargeting) audiences are now subject to retargeting for 540 days rather than 180. This also addresses some new cross-device retargeting functionality that I included an article about here a few weeks ago.

Publishers Are Pleasantly Surprised by Google AMP Traffic

According to the article, AMP already represents 10-15% of pub search traffic for some major publishers.

Issue 112

October 12, 2016