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Mobile Apps Unlocked

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is’s flagship mobile summit, a two day acquisition and retention retreat that brings together a powerhouse group of people who not only know what they are doing but share actionable content on and off the stage.

In a world full of events, it is perhaps easiest to understand MAU by what it isn’t. MAU isn’t a stage full of sales people or regurgitated content about he future of mobile or why growth is so important. Nor is it an audience of only junior level account executives that will make you feel as though you have to hide your badge.

MAU is having the right content and the right people so you can conquer the app ecosystem.

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March 4, 2015

Issue 28

Mobile Apps

Google Starts Testing Sponsored Search Results In The Google Play Store

Google announced this week the launch of a test of paid search ads appearing in results for organic Play Store queries. I wonder if this program will serve as a catalyst for app devs to set up bigger, broader search campaigns that would help Google more effectively monetize conventional, mobile web queries in addition to the those in the store.


Is Your App Ready To Scale? Five Benchmark Metrics To Help Answer That Question

In this guest post on the blog, A.J. Yeakel, COO and founder of Grow Mobile, provides five benchmark metrics that you can use to tell if you are ready to push your app into the top tier (and sustain it there). His benchmark for a healthy 30 day retention rate jumped out to me, as I find that in ROI centric campaigns there is often so much focus on minimizing CPI but very little consideration paid to reducing the effective cost of a real, retained user.


Airbnb Partners With Deutsche Telekom To Preinstall App (Plus a 30 Euro Voucher) In 13 European Markets

This is Airbnb’s first preinstall partnership with a mobile carrier anywhere in the world. As this article points out, there are a number of other apps that have pursued a similar strategy including Uber, Spotify & Dropbox. It feels almost inevitable to me that the number of these deals will increase dramatically in the next 12-18 months. If you consider this a new “channel”, past experience would suggest that the initial movers should reap a big advantage, and that the channel will likely burn out for late arrivals… Who wants to be the 10th app preinstalled on a phone?


Tinder Is Building Out Its Ad Product

Somewhat lost this week in the flurry of media attention on Tinder’s premium program was the news that they are also building out their first ad product. This post on Recode suggests that they plan to partner with networks (FB, Twitter, many others) as opposed to (or perhaps in addition to) creating their own unique inventory ala Snapchat (to date, at least).



Google Makes Mobile-Friendliness A Ranking Signal Worldwide, Boosts Indexed Apps In Search

In this short blog post, Google announced two important changes that will have a significant impact on mobile SEO. First off, in April they shared that they will begin “expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” Second, they have begun to use info from indexed apps as a factor for signed-in users who have those apps installed. Now would probably be a good time to think about setting up App Indexing if you haven’t already (here is a guide).


A Close Look At TripAdvisor’s Excellent Email Strategy

First off, it is worth mentioning that the Vero blog is really excellent. In this post they looked at 20 emails sent over the course of a user’s lifetime that are almost all tied to a trigger. If you need added inspiration for how to improve your email mix (especially if your email strategy is based solely on periodic, blast newsletters) then this is a post worth scanning.


Jobs & Hiring

VP Marketing – Audicus

Audicus is a New York based startup that is changing the hearing aids industry. We offer high-tech hearing aids online, at a fraction of the traditional cost. We believe in the power of technology and e-commerce to create more accessibility and transparency in healthcare. Audicus is looking for a VP of Marketing that can drive the growth of the company across multiple channels. The role consists of optimizing online customer acquisition, from paid to organic media. It will also involve expanding into offline channels (e.g. TV), implementing our brand strategy and closing business development partnerships. This role is ideal for an analytical problem-solver who can lead teams in a fast-paced environment and cares about making a big difference.

Please email me ( if you’d like to learn more.


Email / CRM Marketing Specialist – CourseHorse

We’re looking for a CRM marketing specialist to manage and optimize the development, measurement and analysis of our unique email marketing and promotional campaigns. Though we have a large user base, we’re just getting started on making email marketing a major channel of customer acquisition & loyalty. You will work closely with the product & marketing teams, owning our email channel to drive email capture, activation and loyalty rates. ​​Named recently by Forbes’ as one of America’s most promising companies, with over 50,000 classes and 1,000 class providers, we are the largest marketplace for local classes in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. We’re based out of Union Square in NYC.


Acquisition Marketing Manager – ThredUP

ThredUP is a fast growing SF based startup, recently named by Forbes as one of America’s most promising companies. ThredUP is the leading online shop to buy and sell like-new women’s and kids’ clothing. In your role as Acquisition Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing, executing, measuring and optimizing Paid campaigns that drive new customers to thredUP.


Team Lead, Paid Social Ad Ops – adQuadrant

adQ is a digital media buying agency that specializes in building, optimizing, and scaling leadgen & e-commerce campaigns with a primary focus on emerging channels including paid social, native, mobile, and contextual networks. Our team is very experienced and is built from the likes of organizations such as Experian, CORE Digital, and FutureAds. This allows us to run very complex campaigns at substantial (>$50K/day) spends on behalf of our customers. As the team lead of our paid social adops team, this role requires a combination of strategic thinking, analytical, creative and communication skills fueled by a deep passion in paid social. The successful candidate should have exceptional project management skills and thrive working cross-functionally with internal and external stakeholders. He or she should have experience or knowledge about running Facebook, Twitter, and other similar digital media campaigns/platforms.



Mobile Apps Unlocked – Vegas – May 5 – 6

I’m excited to announce that we’ve added a handful of great speakers this week from WeChat, Facebook, Zynga, and WB Games. I’m especially looking forward to our panel on international growth with panelists from EasyTaxi, Linio, and Runtastic. We should have the full agenda finalized and released shortly. If you are a marketer and are you are interested in coming as one of our “VIPs” please email me ( for more details. For a handful of qualifying VIPs we are offering comped tickets + hotel night stays.


Issue 27

February 25, 2015