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MAU 2016 // New York City

MAU New York 2016 is the NYC edition of's highly regarded mobile acquisition and retention retreat. The event helps brands grow in today's rapidly evolving, mobile-first world. Similarly to MAU Vegas, our NY summit will be multi-vertical but draw heavily from New York's ecosystem of e-commerce brands. Content will focus on both acquisition and retention—covering both native apps and mobile web.

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GrowCommerce 2016

GrowCommerce is the meeting place for e-commerce professionals charged with acquiring, engaging and optimizing customers across the range of digital channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of e-commerce verticals. We will discuss the shifting dynamics in long standing, core channels like PPC and influencer marketing, as well as new, emerging channels including proximity marketing, content distribution and programmatic TV.

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May 25, 2016

Issue 92

Mobile Apps

Instant Apps Are a Rare Feat of Android Brilliance That Might Just Change the OS for good

In this newsletter I’ve done my best to summarize what I thought were the biggest takeaways from Google IO+Google Performance Summit. If you’ve seen Google’s app streaming then the Instant Apps announcement will seem like a very logical next step. This article is very much a “thought” piece, but I personally buy into most of the argument that Instant Apps could be a big step towards a new “post-app” era in mobile.


Spring 2016 Mobile Customer Retention Report From Appboy

This report from Appboy is based on data from more than 300 apps globally and more than 300 million user profiles. A few takeaways: Android apps show higher day 90 retention in most verticals, and 75% of users fail to return the day after their use (a metric I have not seen benchmarked before).


New Text Formats On Mobile In AdWords, Responsive Ads For Display, And Improved Device Type Bid Adjustments

In this post, AdWords introduces a meaningfully improved text ad format, responsive ads, and a less annoying way to manage device type bid modifiers.


Universal App Campaigns For iOS

In addition to the iOS launch, this post also covers their impending introduction of bidding based on conversions/user value in apps.


The Substantial Difference Between App Store SEO and ASO by Eric Seufert

A reminder that optimizing app store pages should be a priority as it touches all prospective users, whereas ranking improvements on a handful of KWs impacts a much smaller subject. I’ve always been a fan of Eric’s writing, and I’m really happy to share that he will be speaking at MAU for the first time at our inaugural NYC event in July.


Google’s Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able to Run All Android Apps

According to StatCounter, Chrome OS sits at .55% market share for desktop operating systems.


Product & Design

Bringing Seamless Checkouts to the Mobile Web

A solid presentation (from a former colleague, coincidentally) on Google’s PaymentRequest project which aims to create an open standard to simplify mobile web checkout. For now it is an Android only project but the aim is to have it work across all device and payment types.

Issue 91

May 18, 2016